Nostalgia is the believe in a world that no longer exists. It is the bug that people catch fighting for things to stay the same tomorrow at they are today.

For thousands of years, the status-quo didn’t change much. You hunted for food and you gathered for food. Then we grew food. Suddenly, we could stay put and innovate. Eventually, the industrial economy came and provided jobs. For the first time, millions were catapulted out of poverty, creating a middle class in the process. Fifty years ago, we started the internet. It has given unprecedented ways to connect, create and collaborate. Ten years ago, Apple unveiled the iPhone. Smart phones have totally revolutionized the way we communicate.

Do you see the pattern?

The gap of taking the next giant leap forward is shrinking.

The pace is faster than ever before. Faster than many of us are comfortable going. If you are insisting, bargaining and reasoning for things to slow down, you are going to be left behind.

It is hard to see when we are in the middle of a revolution. History has shown that none of us usually live long enough to see these kind of changes occur. We don’t need more people to defend the status-quo. What we need is to find the courage to continue to challenge it.