Movies with terrible beginnings finish with terrible endings

I don’t watch a lot of TV. When I do, I usually choose a movie because a) there are no commercials, b) there is closure after 2 hours and c) I don’t have cable.

I watched a terrible movie the other day. I got halfway through it before I had to stop for bed. The next day, I had a choice whether I was going to finish it or not.

I chose poorly.

The lesson is an important one: We need to recognize when something is a sunk cost.

We tend to rationalize our decisions that maybe if we put in more resources (time, money, energy) that there will be a more favorable outcome.

In the end, we will be better off finding something else that exponentially grows rather than working overtime to break even.

[The point I am trying to make is not to quit in the middle when things get hard. That is the worst thing we can do. Instead, quit things before you start that you know you won’t see through. And quit when you hit a dead-end so that you don’t waste anymore finite resources.]