The thin line between clever and stupid

What is an artist?

They are more that those who put paint on a canvas. It is anyone who puts human work into the world to make a connection. Ellen Langer has written, “All it takes to become an artist is to start doing art.”

The waiter who makes a presentation, delights his customers. He is an artist.

The nurse who goes out of her way to put a smile on a patient’s face. She is an artist.

The bus driver who waits 20 extra seconds for someone to get on. He is an artist.

The individual who picks up a piece a trash on the sidewalk. It’s not her job but she does it anyway. That is what artist do.

Artist solve interesting problems. They inspire us. Connect us. They strain the bonds of the status-quo. The dance on the edge of something great and daring. They leap. They fail, over and over again. They have the ability to reach out and touch us.

Mainly, they know the work they do might not work. People won’t always get the joke. It is a thin line between clever and stupid. One that artist walk every day. One that you can walk too–if you care enough.