Flipping an industry upside down

What does a medical company do when there are no more sick people?
What does a car insurance company do when self-driving cars eliminates accidents?
What happens to the oil industry when all cars are electric?

The goal of any successful business is to solve problems, to make lives better. But when the problem is solved, the greedy’s first impulse is to make up fake diseases, to refuse to change, to maintain the status-quo.

The wilderness therapy industry charges upwards of $15K per month to be in a program. So how do the typical family afford this opportunity for youth that desperately need a chance to be inspired?

You can’t. Not yet.

But there is an alternative.

At Pivot Adventure Co., we have developed an experiential educational program to inspire youth to receive the benefits of a wilderness therapy program at a fraction of the cost. We stripped away the 24/7 care, doctors, lawyers, therapists to make an affordable program for those who need direction. We use adventure activities to give students an opportunity to reflect what they have learned being in a perceived risky situation and how that relates to what is going on at home and at school.

The wilderness therapy industry is broken. Many are on a mission to save people–we say leave that to the Coast Guard. Wilderness therapy treats teenagers as patients. At Pivot, they are students. Teenagers are not sick or broken or damaged. These teenagers are full of potential with the ability to become someone special because all of our DNA is the same as the greatest among us. Wilderness therapy has goons to snatch teenagers in the middle of the night, effectively dissolving what trust is left with the parents and starting teenagers off on the wrong foot for the path of healing.

Someday, I hope Pivot Adventure becomes obsolete. That the barrier to receive recreation/adventure/therapy/experiential education are more affordable, that teenagers are not diagnosed in a way that they are needing to be cured. But, until then, we will be flipping the industry upside down, providing a path for families that have nowhere else to turn.