God speaks with clarity

Zachary Simpson did a fascinating vocabulary analysis of the 54,000 free e-books posted on Project Gutenberg.

He used two measurements:

Total Vocabulary‘ is the measure of unique words in a book. A word is defined as a set of case-insensitive alpha characters and apostrophes (to include contractions such as can’t) thus excludes numbers and punctuation. Each work is scanned in its entirety including titles, indices, and page numbers after eliminating the Gutenberg Preamble which prefixes each work.”

Vocabulary Density‘ is a measurement of vocabulary usage in comparison to the length of the book…(basically) how many words will be read on average before a new word is encountered”

What Simpson found was that the Book of Mormon and the Bible (King James Version) had the least dense vocabulary for books over 30,000 words.

What a wonderful insight.

Seems to me that God makes his words easy to read, understand and follow.