Things that we don’t talk enough about at the dinner table

Science and religion tell the same stories in two different languages.

Science is great at understanding the what and the how while religion is significant in understanding our why. Together, they can help us in our search for truth. Yet, there is so much conflict that arises when someone disagrees with our believe system.


We are afraid of being wrong. That if we are wrong it could shake the very foundation of who we are. So we will dig deeper in our trenches, designate sides and when something conflates with our worldview, we ignore it or mock it.

There is an alternative. I think it is okay to say, “We don’t know the answer, but this is how we best understand our world right now.”

Incompatibility–the stuff we don’t agree with outsiders–is only the tip of the iceberg. What we have in common with each other runs so much deeper than what we can see. It is where dialogue and friendship and connection can start.