Professionals and amateurs

Professionals work, regardless if they are in the mood.
Amateurs need motivation to get started.

Professionals say no to jobs that don’t bring them closer to the top.
Amateurs say yes because it was asked of them.

Professionals have guts. Guts to stick with a less desirable job in order to do their art.
Amateurs don’t have it.

Professionals are doing something to make things better.
Amateurs whine, moan and complain about their situation.

Professionals get paid–it is their livelihood.
Amateurs do it for sport.

Professionals finish and then start again.
Amateurs move from one project to the next without shipping.

Professionals work around the clock.
Amateur leave at 5’o clock.

Professionals know that talent is a myth.
Amateurs never recognize they are made of the same stuff as Professionals.

Speaking of which, Professionals develop skills through habit. Habits are learned.
Amateurs look for the short cut.

Professionals don’t believe in writer’s block.
Amateurs make up excuses. (Is talker’s block a thing?)

Professionals make better art and make better art.
Amateurs are discouraged that their best work isn’t good enough.

Professionals learn to dance with the fear because it will never go away.
Amateurs let the amygdala run their life.

Professional recognize that their work isn’t for everybody, it is for somebody.
Amateurs dumb down the work for the masses.

Professional write.
Amateurs tweet.

Professionals are artists.
Amateurs are amateurs.

Professionals start as Amateurs but they evolve.
Amateurs do the same thing they did yesterday.

Professionals challenge the status-quo.
Amateurs wait for step-by-step instructions. They need be told what to do next.

Professionals take responsibility.
Amateurs don’t know how to embrace the failures of their team.

Professionals follow a compass.
Amateurs follow the map.

Professionals figure out how to ship their work.
Amateurs make it 99.9% of the way and quit when it really counts.