The goal

What is it?

Is it to make a profit? To make an “impact”? To make a difference in the world? To solve an interesting problem? To live a happy life? To be remembered?

What is the specific goal you are trying to achieve?

Once you have decided, everything you do is a means in achieving the goal.


So what is it that we’re measuring in order to achieve the goal?


The goal is not to lose weight but to live a healthy lifestyle, to feel good about oneself, to run and not be weary.

The goal is not to get to a good grade but to learn something, make yourself more marketable for a career.

Losing weight comes when you live a healthy lifestyle and you get good grades when you are an active seeker of truth and knowledge. Not the other way around.

As a rule, we improve what we measure. More often though, we are measuring the wrong things that don’t help us actually achieve the goal.