The safest the world has ever been

Contrary to what the media has told us, there has never been a safer period in human history to be alive.

Steven Pinker has shown deaths by homicide, worldwide battles and genocide are all down. Our culture has grown, we no longer accept torture and mutilation as a source of entertainment. We no longer chop off a limb or sentence someone to death / slavery for stealing a loaf of bread. Technology and the internet has brought us closer together. Human rights have shattered barriers. Resources are more abundant lifting entire nations out of poverty for the first time. Vaccinations are combating diseases. More people are dying of old age than ever before.

Yet, if the world is the safest it has ever been, why are we so afraid? The thing is we are more likely to be killed in a car accident than a terrorist attack.

Senseless crimes are still senseless. No question, we still have a long way to go. But it is important to note in the steps we have taken towards a just world, how far it is we have come. We need to realize that the fears we have of the world are often wrong, irrational and distorted because of the media we consume. We are led to believe things that distracts from being the person we are born to be.