General thinking of the masses

We assign meaning to things that are not there, assort everything into categories and let fear and emotions drive us to make irrational decisions.

But really, things are more random than we like to admit. We are in constant motion and sometimes things (people) crash into each other. For no other reason whatsoever, except, that we operate in a world with other people.

Categories help us make sense of the world by connecting this new experience to our history. And then, we file it with other similar occurrences. The rest of it, the part we can’t make sense of, the part that doesn’t resonate with our worldview is tossed out in the cold.

Much of our decision-making is traced back to fear. It is fear that drives us to misbehave and to make irrational decision. Fear is the root of why we are stuck. We pick projects that have a high chance of success because failure means that this didn’t work. If this project doesn’t work then we might be fired. Then what? Start over? How am I going to pay my mortgage? How are we going to survive? Nope, better to stick with proven methods to what is sure to work, be average, be predictable and worst of all be nobody.

There is an alternative…

You can be the one who stands on the edge of something of great and daring and decides to leap. You could light a path for others to follow. You could accept that there will always be more of the world that you don’t know, then what you do know. You can change your mind when something smashes your worldview. You should be someone who embraces tension and messiness that comes with working with people.

You can. You could. You should.

Changing the minds of the masses begins by flipping the lights on for one person at a time.