Your first one-star review

Certainly won’t be your last.

And it is probably going to show up before any five-star reviews.

Because no product, good or service is for everybody. It is, however, for somebody.

If you need something to hang your hat, it is this: You may not have had a success but you can now say you have had a failure.

So the trick is to do it again. Outlast the critic with one more blog post, one more project, one more start-up, until one day it works.

The printing press took years before the idea spread. Why? Because 90% of the population of Europe was illiterate and scribes were fighting to keep their jobs.

When Karl Benz launched the car in Europe, there were no roads, no gas stations and it was against the law to drive. No one got it.

If you are going to be in the arena expect opposition. The greater the change you seek to make, the greater the opposition gets.