Funny business

Last year, there were a plethora of evil clown sightings. Sometimes with weapons, scaring victims around shopping malls and schools.

This year, the remake of an old Stephen King classic IT, is looking like it could be a huge blockbuster success.

What a terrible time to be in the clown business. Many professionals are upset and refuse to change while the ground is shrinking beneath their feet.

On the other hand, if you are in the business to delight customers, to surprise them, to make them laugh and smile, to sing, dance and entertain the market is still wide open.

What an opportunity to change an entire industry, to challenge the status-quo. You don’t need to be covered in make-up to compete in the funny business. You just need to repackage it in a fresh way that will still connect with your audience. If Steve Martin was able to redefine comedy with a banjo, what is stopping you?

It is a strong reminder: You are not in the clown business, or in B2B sells, or an office supply chain. No, you are in the business of making change happen.