Who noticed you today?

Who notices when we’re passing time, filling our days with more emails and Facebook messages? Who notices when we keep quiet and do what we are told? Who notices when we do the same things we did yesterday? Who notices when we are gone?

I think…

I think we notice those who speak up and stand out, who share their best insights. We notice those who take responsibility, who show up day in and day out. We notice the linchpins, the impresarios and the artists. We notice the torchbearer who is shining a new path. We notice work that is bold, daring and unexpected. We notice the steady contributions you are making. We notice those who are generous.

It is inherit in all us to fit in, to shrink, to fall in line, to do what you’re told, to not disrupt the status-quo because we are afraid.

We are afraid of shame, rejection and being responsible for our actions (far easier to leave that to someone else). We are afraid of being noticed for something that might not work.

The thing is compliance doesn’t lead to happiness. What we need from you is your best work. Yeah, it might not work but today, you contributed. You tried to make things better. Tomorrow, you can do it again. And then again. Until, one day, a body of work is built and we can’t help but notice the change you are seeking to make.