Who do you want your customers to be?

When we cut costs in our budget, why are we surprised when customers call and want a discount?

And when we cut the sales staff by 10%, why are we shocked when customers call and complain we made promises that we can’t keep?

That is assuming they can get through, because we switched to an automated system to handle any complaints (and stretched call times by 18%).

If all you are doing to be better than the competition is cut costs, then you are on a race to the bottom.

Eventually, you are going to hit it. Then what?

The alternative is to race to the top, to make something more daring, more generous, and with more care than the competition.

You can focus on every detail to provide a unique experience for your customers. One where your customer service department shrinks because you don’t have any complaints. An experience where sales makes big promises but is given every resource to deliver. A product that is expected to cost more because it is worth it.