Three reasons why people fail

1. We fail to plan.

2. We fail to follow the plan.

3. We fail to revise the plan when the circumstances change.

The tactics rarely have anything to do with why we fail. Buying fancy exercise equipment is fine but it does not actually work by itself. You have to pedal.

Tactics can change as new information is gathered. The cost of failure for starting with the wrong tactic has never been cheaper. What is essential is learning to decide. We have to decide to push through the dip—the hard part—where most people quit.

We also need to decide how were going to make things better. And there is no way to make things better without first doing something different.

Many of us have been suckered into seeing only what the world has given us. We are fixed. Worst, we are stuck.

The world is full possibilities. They are endless. We just need to stop living a status below our potential.