Pick your own truth

2,000 years ago, knowledge was stored on scrolls in great libraries. Scholars would travel many miles and many days just to get access to information.

Now, with the explosion of the internet and content, we have more access to more information than ever before in the history of mankind. Infinite knowledge and unlimited communication, one click away.

But with that comes mass amateurization, anyone can start a blog or post a picture or create a website. It is no longer left to “professionals” to decide what it shared. Which means anyone can write a post that is not sourced or peer-reviewed. Anyone can stand on a soapbox and scream to the masses.

The problem is that it makes it easier to ignore facts, data, and to find stories that enforce our biases, our prejudices, and our believes. Which leads us down a road of picking our own truth.

The answer then is with every click we get to decide what kind of messages spread. We get to decide what kind of content is worth sharing. With every interaction, we can choose to elevate the conversation (literally) to what is trending.

We could do better than sharing what we had for lunch.