Teaching people a lesson

It has been 15 years, are you still holding a grudge?

Do they even remember what happened?

Do they even know you are punishing them?

Teaching people a lesson that they will never forget is actually pretty forgettable.

Because everyone you meet is the center of their own universe.

Sometimes, it is better to just let it go.

Baggage is too heavy to carry moving forward.

What kind of future?

You can’t sell someone a better future without first selling them a different one.

Different brings change. Change means fear.

If you talk to enough people who are stuck, you will find fear at the center of the donut.

A better job, better pay, better opportunities…means a different job, different pay, different opportunities.

The “what” is easy to understand. Getting people to buy in on “why” they should take a chance is the challenge.

Bigger is not better

If 10,000 steps is good then 12,000 steps must be better.

If your avatar’s level 60 ability is exciting then level 70’s must be out of this world.

More profit this quarter will mean a bigger bonus. A bigger bonus means a bigger house or a better car, which means a better life. A better life must mean a happier one. So we seek more sales and begin the insidious cycle over again.

We make things worse by running through pain chasing arbitrary numbers to keep a streak alive.

Goals are great until we let monitoring and tracking get in the way of why we set them in the first place.

Numbers pave the road to obsession.

Walking in someone’s shoes

It’s hard to understand someone’s biases, prejudices, and internal narrative without first walking in their shoes.

Of course, you can’t truly walk in someone else’s shoes. Every journey is different. Internal narratives are internal for a reason.

Following in someone’s footsteps, however, could help bring some clarity. But, then again, if your walking in the wrong direction it doesn’t help us get to the places we want to go.

Telling people to “do this” or “don’t do that” doesn’t build much trust. Teaching people a lesson that they will never forget doesn’t inspire people to change either.

The answer then is to walk in your own shoes. March to a beat of your drum. Live a life that others might emulate.


People are going to say things that are totally offensive, politically incorrect, and completely wrong from your perspective.

We have to understand that if you choose to be down by what someone says that is your contribution not theirs.

It’s not fair. It’s not reasonable. But it will help us live a more productive life when we can avoid being stuck with how we think the world should be.

It’s when we free ourselves from our biases, our prejudices, our internal narratives that we can begin to see the world as it is.

People are full of bad moments. And they are filled with good ones too.

Unfavorable outcomes

Does a bad boss really stop you from doing great work?

Was it always statistically probable that you could be rear-ended by a drunk driver?

Did the economy crash because you decided to invest right then?

You choose to experience the world as you see it. For most, it’s a wild, dangerous place to live.

But don’t blame the world for being unfair because you choose to do lousy work.

Things happen.