One simple harm reduction strategy that works

Guaranteed to reduce stress, fear, anxiety, depression, uneasiness, discomfort, tension, pressure, agitation, nervousness, worry, eagerness, impulses, urges, pain…

While increasing productivity, profits, longevity, happiness, health, well-being, aspirations, inspirations, motivation, encouragement, enthusiasm, drive, ambitions, pleasure, satisfaction, contentment, joy, prosperity.

In addition, it will improve your relationships with your family, friends, and strangers.

Turn data off your phone.

Human beings have weak stopping rules. We do not know when to quit. Turning data off your phone is built-in time to unplug when you leave your home or office.

70% of office emails are read within six seconds of receiving them. We can access or be accessible anytime, anywhere. But advanced productivity comes with human costs.

The updates, the dings, the pings, the itch gets worse every time we scratch it.