Unlocking your genius

The safe thing used to be keep your head down, don’t cause a ruckus, and management will pay you in exchange for your compliance.

A day’s work for a day’s pay.

But are we really willing to sell a whole day of our lives for so cheap? Are we really going to give up eight hours of our precious time for a few measly bucks?

The alternative is to unlock your genius.

Unlocking your genius is not reserved for someone with exceptional intellect. No, unlocking your genius is for anyone who is willing to share their gifts.

It is doing your best work, giving us your best insights, making something that needs to be made, helping someone who needs to be helped, standing up, standing out, leaping. It is about being artistic. More importantly, it is about generosity and respect.

Your genius is valuable and it is worth getting paid (a lot) for.

One hour of labor for one hour of pay, not so much.