Getting from here to there

Of course, small, micro decisions made every day over an extended period are no longer small or inconsequential. They shape us for who we are and the type of person we are going to be.

We do not look at the consequences of today actions if we can push them out to tomorrow. Well, at the very least, we do not worry enough to do anything about it until New Year’s or birthdays.

It is easy to fall into the trap of narrow thinking. When we enlarge our scope, we see that these small decisions made every day keep us from being the person we want to be.

Scott McCloud gave us a truly brilliant insight in how all the action in comics happens between the panels. Superman flies in, we do not see how he got from Panel A to Panel B, only that he was here but now he is there.

We do not see much action in our day in and day out routine. All we see is that we started here and now we are over there. Until, one day, you have finished your first marathon or started a new business or wrote your first book.

Instant gratification is instant. There are no short cuts to long-term prosperity.