What are you running away from?

Perhaps something happened: Your parents weren’t around, you struggled to learn how to read or write, you were bullied, something horrific or traumatic happened, you lacked access or opportunities, maybe you squandered them. Maybe the deck was stacked against you from the beginning.

You didn’t choose these circumstances you were born into. Those were the cards you were dealt.

Seems to me that we can never put enough distance between us and the past. No matter how far we go, it’s right behind us like a pet.

We know what we are running away from but we lose sight in what we are running towards.

What if instead of spending our time looking backwards, we start looking forward. We invent a new future, tell a better story, throw away an old narrative.

If you are placing yourself as the victim, stop. The past doesn’t have to drive us into the future.

There isn’t a dragon in the world that can’t be slain.