What I learned reading 75 books in a year

Click. Pop. Aha. Eureka. You make a new connection, a moment of clarity where things make sense.

What’s better, and more seldom, is the moment you realize that you’re wrong. You begin to see that people and relationships and cultures and economies and complex social problems can’t be explained or solved with one simple, easy solution. It’s far more complicated than that. It’s a shot in the gut.

Books that will change your mind: The Gift, The War of Art, The Art of Possibility, The Infinite Game, Understanding Comics, The Blue Sweater, A Whole New Mind, Debt, Linchpin, The Gifts of Imperfection, Persuadable, New Rules, Start with Why, The Design of Everyday Things, On the Road, Self Reliance, Walden, Man’s Search for Meaning, A Million Miles, How to Win Friends, Secrets of Closing the Sale, The Coaching Habit, The Total Money Makeover

In the end, the most important book that you will ever read is the one you write.