How much did you get paid to watch TV today?

They say that Baseball is America’s favorite pastime precisely because it is our favorite way to “pass the time”.

Anyone who spends an hour a day watching television has just demonstrated they have an hour of their time to make something that needs to be made, help someone who needs to be helped, do something that needs to be done.

The world is agressively fighting for your attention. Don’t give it up to just anyone. We have to be diligent if we are going to rescue our time. We need to learn when to say yes and when to say no.

It’s what you do before you clock in and what you do after you clock out that gives you an edge over the competition. Some ideas on lifting where we stand:

  1. Wake up two and half hours before your workday begins.
  2. Start a blog. Write a blog post everyday.
  3. Read one book a week.
  4. Work when no one is watching.
  5. Cancel your cable (and your Xbox subscription).
  6. Cancel your data plan.
  7. Remove five social media apps off your phone.
  8. Join a movement.
  9. Start a movement.
  10. Volunteer three hours a week.
  11. Teach a class.
  12. Work an extra job to get out of debt.
  13. Start a business.
  14. Finish a project. Ship it.
  15. Learn a new skill. (Have you tried coding?)
  16. Learn a new language. (Have you tried coding?)
  17. Give someone a hand.
  18. Spend two hours with your kids today.
  19. Make better art.
  20. Cook for your family.
  21. Bring some leftovers to your neighbor.
  22. Spend some time helping the sick, the elderly, and the widows.
  23. Make something you’re proud of. Put your name on it.
  24. Write a letter to someone. Thank them for everything they did.
  25. Write another letter.
  26. Write a book. Paint a picture.
  27. Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in years.
  28. Quit your job and join the Peace Corp.
  29. Do. Something. Interesting.
  30. Do. Something. Big.
  31. Think bigger…now bigger than that.
  32. Fly higher. (We’re flying too low.)
  33. Ignore the haters.
  34. Pick up that piece of trash. It’s not your job but it needs to be done.
  35. Look someone in the eye and tell them the truth.
  36. Tell someone you’re sorry.
  37. Do something. Say something. Be something.
  38. Stand up. Stand out.
  39. Write a list for everything you are grateful for. Everything.
  40. Exercise five times a week. Eat some vegetables.
  41. Try something new. Order something different.
  42. Give your love a hug. Hold it for 30 seconds.
  43. Ignore anything rectangular (phones, TV’s, computers, tablets).
  44. Share your light with the world.
  45. Do something nice for someone. Don’t tell anyone you did it.
  46. Love the unlovable. Cry with those who mourn.
  47. Have you tried skydiving?
  48. Smile more.
  49. Be generous.
  50. Be A L I V E.