“I’m just trying to run”

You can’t remove every piece of red tape, you can’t jump through every hoop, market conditions will never be perfect before you start.

You have to have a desire to do whatever it is you want to do and then crash the party.

Expect more obstacles along the way (not less). Weeds don’t stop sprouting just because you finished picking for the day.

No one believes you can do what you are about to do. There isn’t enough reassurance in the world to pull you through. You’re probably going to take some hits, but it isn’t as bad as you have imagined. You’ll need guts to push through the dip. You’re never going to feel good enough. You’re never going to be qualified.

But as Kathrine Switzer has pointed out, “I’m just trying to run.

No better words describe someone following their heart and doing what makes them happy. Quit caring about what others might think.

It will never get easier to run uphill. It just gets faster.