It’s all invented

We reach an understanding of the world by:

  1. Our senses retrieving selective information.
  2. The brain constructing its own simulation of these sensations.
  3. Having a conscious experience.

The world comes into our consciousness as a narrative, a story we have already told. We see what we want to see to preserve ourselves. But what is critical to our survival now, isn’t the same as it was 7,000 years ago. A saber tooth tiger isn’t going to pounce us, even though we think it will.

Technology and education and modern medicine and industrialization have significantly improved our lives. We live in the safest world in human history. Yet, we continue to make tons of decision based on incorrect perceptions on what the world really is.

It is unlikely to ever make your fears completely go away. So, instead of trying to make the fear go away, embrace it. Learn to dance with it.

[Read more about this idea from Roz and Ben Zander’s book.]