What I learned blogging everyday for a year

Everyone should start a blog.

Even if no one reads it.

Making an observation, taking a position, admitting when you are wrong will help you see the world as it is.

And if you can learn to see you can become better at predicting what is going to happen next.

You won’t always be right, but you will be better than the rest of us.

I’m finishing up my first year of blogs. Number 365. Am I Pulitzer Prize winning author yet? Nope. Not even close. But I am better from when I started.

Blogging isn’t for credit or money or fame. It’s a gift. I hope it can be an ignition for someone to make something happen.

On the days that Resistance gets the best of me, I can always look to the blog to see that I made a contribution. I know I tried to make the world a little better today.

Speaking of Resistance. Writing something, publishing it for the world to see, shipping everyday can’t help but make you a better person. It helps you be more vulnerable. It helps you stand up to the critics and shun the non-believers.

It is really hard to change people’s minds. My goal has been to shine a light on a path for others to see that might provide an alternative to where you are currently going.

This blog isn’t for everyone. It is for someone. You. Thank you. Thank you for reading. I hope that it has brought us closer together.