Don’t let what you know get in the way of what you can imagine

Human beings are story-telling creatures. We are all born naked and afraid in different times, different places, different circumstances, different cultures. Along the way we start telling ourselves different stories about the paths we cross, the people we meet, the strings we pull, the choices we make to make sense of the world around us.

At one point, we knew the world was flat. And we knew that we were the center of the universe. And we knew it was impossible to run a 4-minute mile. And we knew that smoking did not cause cancer.

Then we didn’t know.

We were wrong. So the arch shifts to a higher order of thinking. We move to a new plane. We can see. And now, we know again.

We don’t like to admit it but we are wrong all the time. We let what we know get in the way of what we can imagine. Until a revolution comes to destroy the perfect and enable the impossible.