Pen to paper

Our ability to act, to be an agent of change starts when we put the pen to paper. Nothing happens until we decide what kind of story we are going to write, what kind of person we are going to be.

The greatest asset each and every one has is our ability to act.

We don’t have to wait for the world to pick us. We have the ability to pick ourselves and do whatever it is that needs to be done.

We can make something that needs to be made. We can help someone who needs to be helped. We can look someone in the eye and tell them you are here for them. We can share the burdens of others. We can lift each other up. Stand up against inequality or injustice. We can love the un-lovable. We can show more generosity and respect. We can be quicker to forgive each other. We can elevate the conversation. We can help the poor, the needy, the hungry, the sick, the afflicted.

Not because it’s our job. Not because we are getting paid. Not because someone told us to do it. No, we are doing it because it matters. We are doing it because it creates meaning. We do it because we want to make a culture we can all be proud of.

So what are your going to do when it is your turn?

(It’s always your turn.)