Towards what?

Our amygdala has trained us to be afraid (of everything). But it helps us swerve out-of-the-way to avoid an accident and it helps us to duck and cover when we hear, “Fore!”

Its job is to keep us alive.

Here’s the thing, the amygdala doesn’t like it when we are judged, criticized and shamed. It wants to protect us and insulate us so that we don’t get hurt. But judgement, criticism and shame isn’t fatal. We can do our best work knowing our interaction with the market isn’t going to kill us.

We are not running from saber tooth tigers anymore. We don’t need to trade one cage for another. Instead of choosing what we think of as safety, we can decide to look for something better.

[We know what we are running away from. But most of us don’t know what we are running towards.]