Find something to hang your hat on

Everyone is born with some type of talent. The kind of stuff you cannot learn like being seven feet tall. You are naturally gifted at something.

But skill, on the other hand, is learned.

You can learn to read, write, be generous, paint, film, connect, amplify your message, change something to make it better, to see, knit, smile, dance, sing.

Almost any skill can be learned with enough practice. Practice is all about failing. The person who fails the most will be the one that succeeds.

The culture has become far to obsessed with the lotto ticket winner.

The thing is if you were born in this county and have access to the internet and education and clean water and health care…you have already won the lottery. We don’t need a dummies guide to tell us how to get rich. What we need is to learn how to leverage the opportunities we have been given to open up a world of possibilities.