The nature of a gift

When we pay for something, we’re done. Fair and square. Even Steven. No one owes anyone anything.

But when we give something to someone, that form of exchange brings us closer together.

We are moving away from the industrial economy and entering one of connection. We want to know who is connected, who is trusted.

The simplest path towards connection and trust is generosity; give a gift.

And when you feed the network often enough, the network will turn around and feed you back.

Many people will sit there and say, “What? Are you crazy? In this economy? We can’t be giving stuff away.” Yes, in this economy. Yes, in this time in our lives to change someone for the better.

We no longer live in a world of scarcity. We live in a world of abundance. (Not all of us, of course.) But abundance hasn’t fulfilled us.

Do human work that matters. We eventually will notice.