In the world but not of it

You can never become competent in a world that is always changing. Because as soon as you become competent at something, the world changes again.

Compliance, competence, following the step-by-step instructions doesn’t work anymore. There is no map.

We are leaving the industrial economy and entering the new economy of connection.

There is an opportunity to build trust and attention. But it doesn’t happen without generosity: Doing human work that brings emotional labor.

It’s a gift.

When we pay for something, we’re done. Fair and square. Even Steven. No one owes anyone anything.

But when we give something to someone, that form of exchange brings us closer together.

Selling average products for average people, being just a little bit better, trying to out Walmart Walmart, isn’t going to be enough.

You’re in a race to the bottom.

So the alternative to race to the top.

There is always room for more people to go above and beyond, to care enough and be bold enough to make the world a better place.