Culture of hurry

We live in a culture of hurrying to get things done. Often times though, we choose to get the wrong things done.

For instance, anyone who spends an hour a day watching television has just demonstrated that they could spend an hour of their time to help someone who needs to be helped or make something that needs to be made.

If we can make that choice, a whole bunch of things open up for us.

One, we can take that opportunity to write something or to paint something or make something better. We can also look to make a connection with someone or learn a new skill.

But too often, we put aside our art thinking tomorrow will be a better day to begin. And too often, we are busy telling ourselves that we have other things to do. We have to be adults. We have people who are counting on us. Ironically though, we fill our time with debt and distractions.

Second, I think we make ourselves busy so we can make tension go away. We try to make everything okay. But everything is not always going to be okay.

I think in the long run we will be surprised to discover that slowing down will enable to see more clearly. And when we are better at seeing what is actually happening, we have the ability to get more work done—the kind of work that matters.