Blaming the wrong things

When we try to go in too many directions at once, we end up going nowhere.

Then we’re stuck.

And we end up blaming the wrong things for why we are where we are.

It’s innate in all of us to look for the connection of cause-and-effect. We generalize everything and anyone: Taking the simplest logical explanation that makes sense to us, accept it and apply it.

We do this to form stories to understand how people behave and how things work. We then cement our predispositions to find explanations of future events.

But when our predispositions are inaccurate, incorrect or erroneous (which is most of the time) we find ourselves moving in the wrong direction again.

There’s hope though. We can get better. We can be better today than we were yesterday. We can get better tomorrow than we are today.

We can start where we are by march confidently to the beat of our own drum. We just need to let go of our biases.