Seth Godin talks about two types of tribes:

First, the Beatles did not invent teenagers. They showed up to lead them.

Second, Nike invented long distance runners. Before Nike, long distance running wasn’t a thing. They defined the tribe: People like us, do and wear stuff like that.

What we have seen over the last decade is that average products for average people doesn’t work anymore. Take a normal bell curve and imagine that it has melted. The edges are bigger than they were before. And the top isn’t as big either. That’s where we are today: Sell toward a large number of different niches (the long tail) rather than focusing on a small number of hits.

There’s plenty of opportunity to embrace the weird and what’s different. The internet has opened up ways for anyone of us to connect.

Here’s the thing: Running around chasing everybody down to hear your pitch doesn’t work. We should be focused on building something that others want to follow. So we can connect. We are waiting for your contributions. You just need to show up. Day after day. Make it the obvious choice.