The difference between Heaven and Hell

Is the ability to choose.

When choice is taken away, outcomes become certain.

Certainty is relinquishing power and waiting for instructions to relieve tension.

We look for this tension to go away because we are afraid.

We are afraid that taking responsibility for our actions that we won’t be good enough. That we might fail.

Rather than dealing with the shame of failure, we would rather give up control and our choices.

We look to be told what to do.

But if we can learn to choose uncertainty, we need to understand that we are going to be judged. Outcomes are not guaranteed.

Uncertainty is our blank canvas: Where we can learn, grow, and progress.

It doesn’t start with a map. The step by step of instructions doesn’t exist in a world of infinite possibilities.

It’s about following a compass. Your choice in the direction you want to go.

[Most of us undervalue our ability to get to where it is we want to go. We shouldn’t underestimate ourselves.]