We have come so far in the last ten years. If I had to put a number on it, I would say we are 10x. 10x faster, 10x cheaper, 10x better.

But what happens when we add a zero to that number?

Sure. It’s inevitable. But there are many people spending an enormous amount of time fighting the wrong battle. Instead of defending the status-quo—fighting for average jobs for average pay—change it. Let work become more digitized and commoditized. Let work become more efficient and more perfect. Let work be something we do on the clock and get paid by the hour.

It’s a race. A race to the bottom. One that you can’t win. Are you able to out Walmart Walmart? At some point, instant is instant. And you can’t find something cheaper than free.

There is an alternative though. At the same time, a door is opening for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and free lancers. It’s a door for anyone willing to do labor.

Labor can continue to scale. Labor is the human work. The imperfect kind. Labor is about kindness and respect.

And if you find some encouragement in your labor, you might find the strength to keep going. To push through the Dip. And if you can find a tribe and solve interesting problems, you might just get hooked.

The world will always need more passionate people—the ones who are willing to do the human work that a machine can never replace.

That’s a battle worth fighting.