When ten words would do

Why do we use 100 words to explain ourselves when 10 words would suffice?

Why tell people to read the fine print when no one actually reads it?

And who benefits from the Unions, SOP’s, Policies and Procedures, and waivers?

I think it’s all a form of hiding. We use 100 words to insulate us from the truth.

We think we are doing ourselves a service by protecting ourselves from being assigned a job we can’t do. But were wrong. Doing the same task over and over again, doesn’t make us better.

(Do you have 1 year of experience repeated 30 times or do you actually have 30 years of experience?)

What make us more valuable in the work place is doing tasks that might not work, that might fail. Trying to solve interesting problems (the ones that might not work) is also what brings us meaning.

It’s a skill (and I do believe it’s a skill) to look someone in the eye and be able to tell them the truth: This didn’t work. We failed. We didn’t keep our promise.

No excuses. Just the facts.

Or you can say, you just work here.