150 years ago, young men would grow their beards and mustaches to appear old enough to vote. They were referred to as“virgin voters” or “twenty-onesters”.

To the new-comers: Welcome.

Enthusiasm for voting has been down for several decades. I’ve talked about the media’s role in a previous post and about the voting predicament many are faced with.

With all that aside, today is the day you get to choose to get in the game. Or will you sit back on the sidelines?

No one is going to pick you though. You have to pick yourself.

Sure, it’s nerve racking. You might pick the wrong candidate. You might get blamed.

That’s what happens in an ugly election.

Time will tell if we made the right decision. (No one will know for at least a few decades.)

But the right play today is to vote. I hope you have the courage to stand up.

[If your not sure who to vote for, I have one suggestion: Try prayer.]