Voting predicament

One of the stories we are being told is: If you are picking the lesser of two evils, you’re still choosing evil.

Voters who choose to mitigate damage are not supporting evil.

Yes, with two historically unpopular candidates there is an argument to look for someone in a third-party. But will it be a waste?

We haven’t seen a third-party candidate win since 1860—when Abraham Lincoln of the Republican Party won and replaced the established Whig Party. (Revolutions do enable the impossible.)

Yet, this election will not be determined by those who are choosing the “lesser of two evils” or who vote for third-party candidates but by the 80+ million eligible voters who won’t bother to show up. They are the ones leaving voters in this predicament.

My advice: Vote with your heart. Making decisions based on fear don’t ever seem to work out.

(What’s wasted is choosing not to vote as a form of protest. This only works when everyone votes.)

(There is a lot of noise. Overshadowed in all of this is the other offices and legislation we will be voting on come November 8. It’s easier now more than ever to do your homework. Take 5 minutes to see what will be on your ballot.)

(Last word: There are people who are afraid. But November 9th will come and we will all still be here.)

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