Pema Chodron has a useful working meditation. When random thoughts arrive simply say the word, “Thinking.” Then go back to focusing on your breath and create more space for yourself.

If you’re stressed out because of work. Just say the word thinking. When your relationship with your spouse hits a bump – thinking. When you’re worried if you are not going to pay the bills, or if someone has said something that hurts you, or if you are feeling desperate (or lonely, or tired, or hungry) – thinking.

It also works when you trying to overcome something you are struggling with. If you have an urge for a cigarette, or want a drink, or feel the need to watch something that you shouldn’t be watching on your computer – thinking.

No need to over analyze whether these thoughts are good or bad. Shed the labels. You are not ignoring or hiding from your thoughts but letting them pass through you.

Be gentle and kind to yourself.

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