What tech is

Twitter is a modern-day CB radio. Ebay is a digital flea market. Craigslist is taken straight from the classifieds.

All new technology is made from mixing and matching old and primitive tech.

Technology is a tool. Like money. Or a hammer.

You can try to run away from it. But probably fail. So the other option is to run with it.

Here are some cool tools to run with:

  • Use Last Pass to keep all your passwords safe and secure.
  • Feedly keeps every blog in one place. Cuts time from aimlessly surfing the web.
  • Evernote helps organize random thoughts.
  • First, it was Napster. Then, came iTunes. Now, we have Spotify.
  • No phone is complete without Audible.
  • Everyone is using Slack for projects.
  • Google Docs is one of the best ways to collaborate with your friends.
  • You don’t need a million-dollar investment angel to get your dream running. Use WordPress to create something meaningful.
  • Want to check if the reviews are legitimate? Fakespot has your back.
  • Dark Sky is a fun way to check the weather.
  • The name of your next project awaits with Wordoid.