You can buy some happiness

A Princeton study found that those with lower-incomes reported lower levels of happiness. However, for those making more than $75,000 a year, their level of happiness didn’t increase.

And the reason is that you have to make a trade.

You have to trade something to make more money. You could be spending (interesting word spend) more time in the office and away from your family. Which effects your relationships you have in the home. And of course, the stress that comes when your life is out of balance. Which leads to health problems.

(And around and around we go.)

Sometimes we lose sight on the things that matter most for the pursuit of more.

We can never fill our life’s purpose on the wheel of accumulation.

If making money is really important to you. (And by all means, I think you should get some money.) You should consider shifting your focus at the $75,000 benchmark.

Maybe you say I have enough. Maybe you say that anything I make now goes to charitable organizations. Maybe you look to make a significant difference in someone’s life.

And maybe we don’t wait to start making a difference. So when the day comes of “I have enough” you are already an expert in giving.

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