What a difference a day can make

We don’t get to decide if we get cancer. We don’t get to decide if we get heart disease. But we can decide what kind of diet we have or if we exercise or if we choose to smoke.

However, it was only 80 years ago that doctors were prescribing cigarettes to their patients. For a long time, many of us were fooled into believing that smoking was good for you.

People began to change their minds. We saw it the late 60’s with the ban of cigarettes in the media and warning labels. People saw that smoking wasn’t something for everybody. No product is.

Yet, too many of us have bought into what the culture is selling. We buy into this idea that we can’t change. “It’s just the way I am.” By doing this we can excuse our behavior. We can put the blame on biology or psychology. Telling ourselves we have no control. (It’s hard. And I really don’t want to quit.)

We are being led to believe things that are not true all the time. That debt is something we need to survive. Or that vaccinations aren’t necessary. That pornography doesn’t affect your family.

It’s like we are being led to believe that smoking is good for you all over again.

We are also led to believe that change is slow and arduous. But it doesn’t have to be.

Change can be as fast as we want it to be. We can make things right. We can change our minds. We can be the person we always wanted to be. Just start acting like it.

All we have to do is decide.