The culture of assumptions and presumptions

We have built a culture of assumptions and presumptions.

An assumption is taking something for granted without proof. While a presumption is likely to be more true.

The danger with assumptions is that it leads us down a road of pick your own truth. We ignore the history, the science, the religion, the circumstances. Pretty soon we don’t know what is actually going on. We are trapped in our own fantasy land.

How easy we forget that the world wasn’t always the way it is. We end up taking for granted the access we have: clean water, food, a roof over our head, electricity, education.

The culture needs to find a way to bridge this gap of assumptions to presumptions. Presumptions are on the basis of probability. Which bring us to more interesting questions and discovery.

And I worry that we are going down a road that takes for granted the safest and richest civilization in the history of mankind. We will have squandered this opportunity we have.

It makes it difficult to build a culture we can be proud of when we build it on assumptions.