Dear Resistance

Thanks to Steve Pressfield’s essential book, The War of Art, anyone can now identify the voice in our heads that keeps us from being the person God intended us to be. While at first, the goal is to see if we can rid ourselves from this fear. By trying to reach inbox zero. And when we finally pay all the bills. And when we finally have checked our Twitter feed for the up-teenth time just to make sure the world hasn’t ended (that the sky hasn’t fallen). We can tell ourselves that everything is okay.

But everything is not always okay.

We have learned that these are things we do to trick ourselves. It is a form of hiding. Because we can’t control the uncontrollable. Even though we try. We know that Resistance will never go away. Resistance is part of our biology. Resistance is the Adversary. Resistance is the point of being human. No Resistance. No progression. We can’t get rid of this fear. Instead we have to learn to dance with the fear.

How to dance with the fear: