True believers

What did Dean Potter, Philippe Petit, Jack Kerouac, and Sheppard Fairy have in common?

Sure, they were all famous. Potter for his controversial climb on Delicate Arch, Petit for his high-wire line across the World Trade Centers, Kerouac for writing the scroll (On the Road), and Fairy for his President Obama Hope poster.

But that isn’t what makes them unique. Because even Richard Nixon is famous.

No. They were map makers and explorers. They trusted their compass and explored all the edges to see how much tension they could create.

(None of them alleviated tension. They sought after it.)

Although masters at their craft, they weren’t saying something through their art. They were saying something about art. That is why they have one time or another have been labeled anarchists or revolutionaries. Being willing to say something about art triggers revolutions. Pushing the limits, pushing the boundaries to enable the impossible.