The new 1%

Before the internet the old 1% worked on Wall Street. They owned the factory. Went to an elite private college. Made a lot of money. Charged interest. Raced for the bottom. Are fundamentalists. They want things to stay the same. Are managers. They find someone else to do the work and get them to do it faster and cheaper. Never have enough money. Worry about scarcity.

The internet has changed everything though. Everything. No longer do you have to wait for your turn. (As Seth Godin says, “It’s always your turn.”) A door has opened for the new 1%. This new 1% is one that Goldman Sachs or Wal-Mart  can’t go through. They are too big to fit. Because they are afraid to fail. And now they are the ones stuck on the outside.

This new 1%. The new elite. They are not waiting to be picked. Assemble a tribe. Make work that matters. Are generous. Understand the power of community. Leap. Embrace tension. They have enough and see more abundance. Challenge the status-quo. They lead us. And they inspire us to do better.

The new 1% is not limited to 1% of the population. Anyone can come. It’s for anyone that is willing to make the world a better place.