What if we decide to quit the things that take 80% of our time that only bring 20% of their value?

You don’t have to quit TV, or Facebook, or Pinterest, or SnapChat, or Twitter, or YouTube all together. But maybe you quit on the videos or feeds or outlets that don’t bring a lot value.

How about customers, can we quit them?

You bet. Not all customers of course. The customers that take advantage of your generosity – we can quit them. When we free 80% of our time: what could we do with all this free time?

We can treat the other customers differently. The ones that really matter.

And now: you’re either in or you’re out.

Instead of spending our time chasing every customer that walks by (to the bottom), we can now spend our time sharing our work in a more generous way (to the top).

So welcome: Here, I made this. It’s not for everybody. But it may be for you. And if not, that’s okay too. There is something else down the road that could probably fill your needs. But over here – people like us do things like this.

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