People like us do things like this

Once we are in a place where all of our needs are taken care of, we can make a choice.

The choice to keep doing what we are doing that got us here. But a little faster, a little cheaper, and squeeze a little more profit.

Or we can choose to make an impact. Did I make a difference in someone’s life today? Did I help someone do something that I could have never done? Did I get out-of-the-way for someone to level up?

There will be plenty of people telling us how nice that is but it’s not the right time. I mean with the economy the way it is and the recession, someday you’ll be in a place to do this.

I don’t buy it.

It’s never the right time to leap.

But we do.

Because people like us do things like this.

The juxtaposition of scarcity and abundance. We can decide. Operating in a world of abundance brings fulfillment. But it takes discipline. With the compounding effect of daily discipline we can understand that we weren’t just born but why we were born.